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The Soul of Disco Vol.3 compiled by Joey Negro
The Soul of Disco Vol.3 compiled by Joey Negro
by Various Artists


Compiled by unashamed musical trainspotter Dave Lee (aka Joey Negro) this selection is the fruit of some serious digging - both in the real world and online. This is the first time most of these tracks have been available on cd or digitally, but we are keeping the quality of the music high and avoiding the collector’s only records.


Having said that some of the included songs are indeed super sought after with Full Body and Jackie Stoudemire original 12’s featuring in Discogs Top 100 list of most valuable records.


Conceptually, the Soul of Disco albums are about showcasing the blacker, funkier end of the disco spectrum where the 4/4 groove collided with the musical sensibility of Philly and Motown. Many will probably be unfamiliar with the acts included here but people can sometimes forget that when disco was king it was mainly the likes Village People and Donna Summer that was heard on most dance floors and many of these tracks (on small indie labels) didn't get played outside the hardcore underground clubs.


Whatever bad things its done for the music business in general, the internet has aided in the discovery of many obscure records that never made it outside their State, with stories of distribution or pressing problems that prevented the release reaching the general public. Another factor is late arrivals from the early 80s, songs that still had that up-tempo disco sound suddenly sounded very dated and didn’t fair too well once the disco backlash was well and truly underway.


Musically this collection offers a wide variety of styles within the parameters of soulful disco. The up-tempo heavily orchestrated sounds of the soaring "Invisible Wind" or The J’s anthemic northern soul style on "When Did You Stop" are maybe what you’d expect from the title of the album, whereas things get jazzier for the Board of Directors instrumental "Hanging Tough". A tougher, funked-out Sound is present on Evans Pyramid’s driving "The Dip Drop" while we go to church for some disco gospel courtesy of Gloster Williams’ rousing "No Cross, No Crown". There is even a bit of reggae tinged 4/4 courtesy of Loi’s "Body Contact". So basically if you dig disco there should be something here for you.


The finished package has over 25 tracks, and buying the original records would cost you about £5000 and take several years. Previous editions in the series still sell very well and are regularly repressed due to a steady demand for this type of music.


As always with Z Records we've spent time and money to make the masters sound as good as possible and if you're a fan of compilations from BBE or Dimitri From Paris then this Soul of Disco Vol.3 CD will not disappoint…







Disc 1

Listen 01. Jackie Stoudemire - Invisible Wind
Listen 02. Full Body - You Got Me Dancing (Joey Negro Edit)
Listen 03. The Js - When Did You Stop
Listen 04. Loi - Body Contact
Listen 05. Sanctuary - Disco Discouraged (Joey Negro Edit)
Listen 06. Board Of Directors - Hanging Tough
Listen 07. Project - Love Rescue
Listen 08. Truth - International Dancing
Listen 09. Park Avenue - Looking Ahead
Listen 10. Kocky - Just Keep On Dancin
Listen 11. Gloster Williams & Master Control - No Cross No Crown

Disc 2

Listen 01. Sir James Randolph - Sho Is Good (Joey Negro Edit)
Listen 02. The Hippolytes - Blow You Out Tonight
Listen 03. Larry Hart - Goin Up In Smoke
Listen 04. Hot Ice - Dancing Free (Joey Negro Edit)
Listen 05. Ronnie Barron - I Can Give It To You
Listen 06. Phenomenal - One Two Three (Come See About Me)
Listen 07. Steven Abdul Kahn - Gotta Have You Loving
Listen 08. Evans Pyramid - The Dip Drop
Listen 09. Chailo - Lets Skate
Listen 10. Loveman Ronnie Stokes - Touch You Again
Listen 11. First Class - Candy

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