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SELECT tStock.*, tArtist.artist_id, tArtist.artist_name, tLabel.label_id, tLabel.label_name, tTerritory_group.territory_group_name FROM tStock 
		LEFT JOIN tArtist ON tStock.stock_artist_id = tArtist.artist_id
		LEFT JOIN tLabel ON tStock.stock_label_id = tLabel.label_id
		JOIN tTerritory_group ON  tStock.stock_territory_group_id = tTerritory_group.territory_group_id 
		JOIN lTerritory_country ON tTerritory_group.territory_group_id = lTerritory_country.territory_id 
		JOIN tCountry ON lTerritory_country.country_id = tCountry.country_id 
		WHERE tCountry.worldpay_code = 'GB' and stock_active=1 AND tStock.stock_id =