Operation Disco [12″ Album Sampler]

Dr Packer


Four tantalising cuts taken from the forthcoming full-length album ‘Operation Disco’ that Greg ‘Dr’ Packer has put together for Z Records. On an unstoppable run recently, the quality shows no sign of slowing down as Packer showcases his talent for splicing and dicing tracks.
Sounds vary from the original 80s synthesised boogie of Colors, the early disco house of ‘Love Fantasy’, through to the mid-tempo grooves of Sunburst Band featuring Leroy Burgess. All reworked by the good Doctor. That’s right, this EP is just packed full of Packer.
If you want even more Packer then we suggest procuring the CD which includes extra Packer edits as well as a Packer DJ mix featuring continuous Packer overlaid with extra Packer by none other than Packer himself. There is only one word for it, that word is Packer!!!

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