AC Soul Symphony – Special 45 Versions

AC Soul Symphony



Dave Lee’s “AC Soul Symphony” alias has been releasing delectable and sultry disco since 2005 but reached his magnus opus in 2023 with the release of the “Metamorphosis” LP. Here we find two tracks handpicked from the album and delivered, for the first time, in a 7″ format. The single starts much as the album does with the track “Windy City Theme”, beautifully scored, recorded, and produced legato strings envelope the track, punctuated with horns and vocals reminiscent of a Love Unlimited Orchestra production. This version of the track has been rearranged, speeding up the pacing of the track and reaching the juicy parts in a really satisfying way. On the flip side we have the title track from the album “Metamorphosis”, which is the first time the vocal version has been made available on Vinyl. A bass laden intro gives ways to glistening pianos and those signature strings (have we mentioned how good the strings are?). A more laid back and seductive track than the A side, but no less appealing. Again, due to the limitations of the 7″ format, “Metamorphosis” has been expertly rearranged with loving care and attention.

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