Beats N Pieces EP




Opolopo is back with us on ZR with bloody smashing new 4 track EP. Kicking off with the super classy ‘Bebeccie’s Theme’ on which Peter delivers some muso boogie of the highest order. Full of discreet chords and sophisticated string turnarounds, backed up with deft synth touches. Next up is an exclusive new remix of ‘Stroke my Disco’ by dutch funkateers Fouk who double down on the Piano and Clav workouts for the peak time dancefloor. Then we have the Gospel tinged ‘Looking For You’ with its freestyle hi-hats splashing over a wah guitar led mod-jazz loop. A catchy vocal refrain from Darien carves a path for Matt Cooper to be let loose with a sizzling Organ solo. Finally ‘Chocolate Spiders’ with its gliding Clav licks, spiky Piano & Synth riffs punctuating over soaring string sections, vintage Opolopo we’d say.

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